Welcome to the Toy Museum of Colmar

The Toy Kingdom

This Toy Museum has been enchanting people for twenty years!

Since December 3, 1993, the Museum has never stopped introducing new concepts and entertainment.

It’s definitely become one of the landmarks of the City of Colmar. Cinderella’s carriage is the Museum’s major highlight, strategically placed to attract the attention of visitors and seemingly dutifully watching over the entire collection.

This magical attraction would be nothing without the incredibly active backing of the M.A.J.E.P.T – the Association of the Animated Museum of Toys and Miniature Trains.

This team provides immeasurable time and effort to enrich, preserve and enliven the superb collections of this Museum.

The team also heavily relies on donations from private individuals who are sensitive to the cause of preserving our childhood heritage.

Visitors entering this endearing Toy Museum find themselves in a warm and fun setting to enjoy discovering or rediscovering toy manufacturing names of the past... Bella, Petitcollin, Dinky Toys, Meccano, Barbie©, Steiff, Solido, JEP, Joustra... All these names have entertained generations of children, and continue to do so today.

The Toy Museum is a timeless and unique place, making it a must when visiting Colmar! 

Temporary exhibition

"Génération Robots"


September 28, 2015 – September 11, 2016     Each robot presented in the "Génération Robots" exhibition comes from an "anime" (a genre popularized in France thanks to "Goldorak" and "Dragon Ball Z") or from a "sentai" (Japanese televised series with very specific codes, the most famous...


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