A museum and an association

On March 12, 1985, Georges Trincot, an artist from Colmar and collector of antique toys, and Pierre Patoor, set up the Musée Animé du Jouet et des Petits Trains (MAJEPT) association. Their objective was to encourage the exhibiting of toys (trains miniatures, dolls, mechanical toys, etc.), and particularly any items related to locomotion.

In 1987, the municipality of Colmar acquired Georges Trincot’s collection. On January 25, 1990, the Municipal Council asked the MAJEPT association to manage and administer the future museum to be opened in December 1993 in what was previously the town’s cinema. Since July 1, 2012, the museum has been managed as a public service delegation from the municipality of Colmar.

The museum today focuses on the history of toys, which bear witness to the lives of past and current generations. The museum presents a collection of toys from the 19th century to today.

 A lively and varied museum

Over the space of a year, visitors can enjoy a range of events at the museum:

  • Temporary exhibitions for the general public
  • A thematic visitor experience including a collection of toys from the 19th century to the present day, attractively displayed and documented to provide visitors with interesting content which is fun to explore
  • Fun areas: giant board games, reading/gaming area and video games, etc.
  • Workshops
  • Hosting and organising concerts, shows and auditions (the museum's acoustic properties make it popular with artists).

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